1 month old baby photo

one month old baby photo,
its not my baby but my sister`s. today he is already 3 years old. it has been 3 month since last time i kissed him, he is very far far away now and i miss him so much and it makes me crazy. i spent 24 hours a day with him for 3 years, and all of sudden he just disseapeared out of my life. makes me sick like crazy i cried a bucket of tears, alot, i feel so empty or numb. i want to visit him or simply move to his city to live beside him, but not allowed. so i just have to deal with it and get used to it althought still crying at night before bedtime. during 3 years with him i could careless with any problems no matter how worst as long as i had him, his smile his criying his laughing just unforgetable. oh krab i am crying now ,,,, arrrrgggghh ..... o my true love i wish you happiness healthy smart .....